Working in Harmony with Nature

Working in Harmony with Nature - OUR PHILOSOPHY

Harmony Organic Dairy Farm, Canada's best orgainc dairyWe felt the name Harmony aptly described our philosophies and management styles. Each producer farm is committed to working in harmony with nature.

Our farms are “certified organic.” To attain organic certification, no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are used on the farm for at least three years. After this time period, the cattle must be fed solely organic feed for another twelve months before their milk is eligible for processing under this label.

The taste of our products may change slightly throughout the year according to the "menu" offered to the cows. The most noticeable change is likely to occur when the cows are first out on grass in the spring.

Harmony Organic Nurse Cows
Harmony Organic Nurse Cows
This is the way we raise our calves at the Harmony Organic Home Farm!
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