Working in Harmony with Nature - OUR PHILOSOPHY

Harmony Organic Dairy Farm, Canada's best orgainc dairyWe feel the name Harmony Organic describes our philosophies and management styles as each of our 14 family farm producers are committed to working in harmony with nature.
All Harmony Organic farms are certified organic and exceed the required organic standards set forth by the Canadian Government.  For a farm to obtain organic certification no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are to be used on the farm for at least three years prior to certification.  After this time the cows must only be fed organic feed for another twelve months before their milk can be marketed as organic .
You may notice that the taste of our products change slightly throughout the year. This is caused by changes to the “menu” offered to the cows.  The most noticeable change is likely to occur in spring when the cows are first out on fresh grass.

Stop Contamination
Stop Contamination
Stop the Legalization of Contamination from Unapproved GM Foods
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