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Harmony Organic consists of 14 certified organic grass roots family farms located across Southern Ontario. Each farm was carefully selected to ensure the families and their farming operations are an ideal match for Harmony’s philosophies and principles. This includes the highest standards of animal welfare and adhering to sustainable farming practices including comprehensive composting, wind, solar power and renewable energy sources. Although each farm is unique unto themselves, we all share common values and goals and are committed to preserving an organic way of life.

Each of the/our 14 farms that produce Harmony Organic milk has been certified organic and meets the organic standards set forth by the Canadian Government. To obtain organic certification no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are used on the farm for at least three years. After this time period, the cows must be fed solely organic feed for another twelve months before their milk is eligible for processing under the certified organic label. Each farm must keep accurate records and a subjected to a yearly farm audit. To learn more about Canadian Organic Dairy Certification please visit http://www.cog.ca/about_organics/organic-standards-and-regulations

In addition to our organic certification, Harmony Organic also has its own unique set of standards for its producers to ensure the best quality products are being produced.

These standards include:

• Appearance of premises
• Certification
• Milk records
• Animal husbandry
• Freedom from thirst and hunger
• Freedom from discomfort
• Freedom from pain, injury and disease
• Freedom to express normal behaviour
• Freedom from fear and distress

Each family farm’s commitment to this way of life enables us to produce the highest quality organic milk in the industry. When you are enjoying one of our products you are actively supporting local family farms and sustainable farming practices.

Click here to view a series of profile videos showing you exactly where our milk comes from, produced by videographer Karen Andres. You can Email Karen or check out her other work on YouTube.





Harmony Organic Nurse Cows
Harmony Organic Nurse Cows
This is the way we raise our calves at the Harmony Organic Home Farm!
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